Adult Sleep Program


  • A Personalized Sleep Plan, based on your sleep chronotype, current routines, habits and goals, providing a simple and practical approach.
  • Confidential one-hour Initial Consultation to discuss and personalize your plan.
  • Weekly Follow-up Calls for a month to maintain your progress and ensure accountability.
  • Exclusive access to a variety of customized worksheets, such as sleep logs and stress-reduction tools, ensuring sustained improvement in your sleep quality.
  • BONUS: Sleep Success Package inclusive of Travel Tips, Daylight Savings advice, and additional resources for enhanced sleep experiences!

Sleep better, live better.


  • Initial Sleep Assessment

  • Easy-to-Implement Custom Sleep Plan

  • Private one-hour consultation

  • 4 Follow up calls, 20-minutes each.

  • Over a dozen worksheets specific to your needs to aid in the process (eg. sleep logs, movement logs, de-stress, and more!)

  • Continued Sleep Success package with Travel Tips, Daylight Savings advice and more!

    Changing habits is often a big part of improving our sleep and it can be difficult to manage without a good plan and support.

    Knowing more about what is causing your sleep problems will help you improve your sleep.

Brooke shared with me a ton of strategies that were well outside the normal solutions found on-line.  She did a great job providing education on reasons behind my sleep troubles.

She was great.  I was in a really bad place due to complete burn out and had been only sleep a few hours a night.  She was compassionate and reassured me that she would be able to get me back on track.

I went from sleeping only a few hours a night to now sleeping at least 7 hours nightly.  I can’t remember the last time I had a sleepless night.

- Kelly M