Child Sleep Coaching 

Here at Bedtime Beginnings, we believe in the power of good sleep. We support families and children of all ages with balanced sleep coaching and sleep education. 

Adult Sleep Support

Did you know that 1 in 4 adults doesn’t get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep?  

Is the pressure from work too much?

Do we finally have your baby sleeping well and now you can’t?

Does your schedule change and cause sleep disruptions? 

With our Adult Phone Consultations, we can get to the root of your issues and reset your rest. 


What They Say

” Well after 5 nights in a row of sleeping through the night, I think it is safe to say that Dayne is sleep trained!!! We couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Brooke Hohenadel sleep consultant for Bedtime Beginnings who planned it all out for us and walked us through the whole process. In just 1 and a half weeks we went from laying beside Dayne in a twin bed until he fell asleep which some nights took up to two hours, then getting up usually twice through the night when he woke up and laying down with him again (or often times just stay all night in there). Tonight I did our planned out bedtime routine, I laid him in his crib said I love you and left. He gave one little cry and was out!! It’s amazing! I couldn’t be happier. Brooke you have helped our family so much! I recommend her to anyone who has a little one who doesn’t like to sleep.”

— Angie

“Where do I start? My son was an incredible sleeper up until he was 8 months old and as the time went on, things started going backwards for us. We had a tired household and I needed support! My hairdresser mentioned Brooke was a client of hers and may be able to help us out. I didn’t think anyone could help especially because I believed my son had night terrors and there is no way out of it. Boy was I wrong! My son was just so used to me being around him that he would scream out at night when I was no longer in his bed. Brooke has been absolutely amazing every step of the way and I highly recommend her to anyone in desperate need for some sleep for them and their little ones.”

– Minka

“This has changed our lives & we’re very grateful. It was lovely getting to know you through this. We’ll be sure to keep you in mind if we ever need help in the future. I’ve also made sure to tell my friends about you.”

— Kristen