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Employers who truly want the best for their employees and for the business can provide a morale boost and show that they are interested in the overall health of their employees by offering them a Sleep Session with our team.

Empower Your Team’s Success: Transform Your Workplace with Restful Nights

🌜 The Hidden Impact of Sleep Deprivation: Research indicates that the primary cause of declining productivity and diminishing morale among employees is often linked to insufficient sleep.

🌜 The Ripple Effect: When team members arrive at work fatigued from restless nights, their performance is compromised, leading to tardiness, reduced efficiency, and decreased overall productivity. Furthermore, prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to physical ailments and burnout, resulting in increased absenteeism.

🌜 The Plight of Shift Workers: For employees working unconventional hours, the struggle to balance wakefulness and rest can significantly impact their ability to perform effectively during their shifts.

🌜 Invest in Your Team’s Well-Being: Demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ holistic health and boost morale by offering them a comprehensive Sleep Session with our expert team.

🌜 Uncover the Missing Piece: Our Sleep Sessions are designed to identify the root causes of sleep disturbances and equip participants with evidence-based insights and practical strategies to facilitate immediate improvements in their sleep quality.

🌜 Empower Your Team: Our sessions offer attendees a fresh perspective on their sleep patterns and the necessary tools to take charge of their sleep habits, fostering a rejuvenated and more energized workforce.

🌜 Transformative Sleep Solutions: Elevate your team’s potential and pave the way for improved employee wellness and heightened business success, starting with revitalized sleep.

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Working with Brooke has been an absolute delight.  Setting up the Solve Your Sleep talks at Fanshawe College was a breeze.  Brooke was flexible to meet our needs and worked all of our requests into the programming she offered.  The exam specific sleep topic is one we look forward to sharing with the student population in the future (I will definitely give you a review after this talk if you like as well J).  I have had great reviews from the students who attended the first talk, some of them even returning to ask for more.  The presentation itself was visually appealing and easy to follow giving students the key takeaway points without overwhelming them with more information than needed.  Students left with tangible, takeaway tips that they could start implementing immediately while working to improve their sleep.  The large array of resources Brooke made available to students following the talk were well received and used by all who attended.

On a personal note, I was able to pick up some tips to help improve my own sleep, as we can all use a little more sleep in our lives these days.  Brooke has been friendly, approachable, flexible and easy to work with every step of the way.  I am looking forward to continuing the partnership with Brooke and Bedtime Beginnings to improve sleep among Fanshawe’s students.

- Ashlee

Wellness Manager, Wellness Centre, Family and Children Services

Research indicates a significant link between declining employee productivity and morale and insufficient sleep. Employees struggling with sleep issues often arrive at work fatigued, leading to tardiness, reduced performance, and increased absenteeism due to illness and burnout. The challenges are even more pronounced for shift workers, making working hours an uphill battle.

Elevate Employee Well-being: Demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ holistic health and boost morale by offering them a transformative Sleep Session with our expert team. Our tailored sessions not only identify the root causes of sleep disturbances but also equip participants with evidence-based insights and practical strategies for immediate improvements in their sleep quality. Our attendees gain a new perspective on their sleep and the necessary tools to take charge of their sleep habits. Restful nights are just the beginning.

Sleep Loss & Work Facts and Figures


  • Almost 38% of employees experienced fatigue while at work. 1
  • A Harvard study of 7,480 adults found a 23.2 percent population-wide prevalence of insomnia and estimated 11.3 days of lost productivity among these poor sleepers. 2
  • Another 2014 survey by the National Sleep Foundation pegged the percentage of adults who lacked adequate sleep at 45 percent. 3
  • Poor sleep is causing 23-45 percent of the population to lose more than two work weeks worth of productivity every year.

    Economic Impact

    • $411 billion estimated annual lost income from sleep deprivation in the U.S. 4
  • It is estimated that sleep-related fatigue costs businesses $150 billion a year in absenteeism, workplace accidents, and other lost productivity.5
  • The annual economic impact of sleep problems relating to workers inability to adjust to late shifts are estimated to be at minimum over $60 billion.6
  • It is estimated that reductions in productivity, motivation, and health care costs related to fatigue cost individual employers around $1,967 annually per employee.7
  • Companies with sleep-deprived employees have five times higher workers’ compensation costs than companies whose workers get adequate sleep.
  • Personal Impact

  • An employee awake for 17 straight hours has the performance ability of a person with a 0.05% blood alcohol level.
  • Highly fatigued workers were 70 percent more likely to be involved in accidents than were workers reporting low fatigue levels.
  • Disturbed sleep plays a role in occupational fatalities. Those reporting disturbed sleep were nearly twice as likely to die in a work-related accident.
  • There is a 200% increase in the likelihood of heart attack or stroke among adults 45 years or older who sleep fewer than six hours.


  • Improved sleep offers immediate benefits in terms of higher productivity, better product quality, and reduced conflict and absenteeism/presenteeism. A one-hour increase in average sleep boosts productivity by more than a one-year increase in education. 8
  • Increasing worker wellbeing, work engagement and job satisfaction is the most effective way of counteracting absenteeism and presenteeism and, in accordance with current needs, it also enables workers to be active and productive even at an advanced age.
  • CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) has been found to significantly improve sleep disturbances among individuals suffering from insomnia and specifically those with PTSD.

Sleep Deprivation Facts References

I am a First Responder with PTSD. I have lived through the last 26 years with poor sleep which greatly affected my mental health and work performance.

Work taught me how to help others but gave me no tools on how to help myself. I invited Brooke to my PTSD support group and she educated over 20 first responders about the importance of sleep and tools to use at home.

Over a month has passed now and I implemented all the tools I learned from Brooke and gained the courage to not rely on my sleeping pills anymore and i’m starting to sleep more effectively. Gone are the days of tossing and turning in anger when I wake. It is replaced by an effective routine that gets me back to sleep.

Sleep is a life saver, without it your cant function. We spend a third of our life sleeping, everyone should know these valuable tools. You can’t put a price on a good night's sleep.

Thank you so much Brooke Zzzzzz

- S.S.

Local Police Detective, London Police Separtment

I can’t speak highly enough about Brooke – her professionalism, expertise, and support made an impact!

Sleep problems are a significant issue impacting many, especially our families who are burdened with heightened stress and trauma. Brooke put together a 3 part video sleep series, which outlined sleep fundamentals, problems and strategies to help improve sleep challenges. We now have library of video’s to provide our families and foster homes who are struggling with various sleep issues.

Brooke also worked one-on-one with a number of our families providing direct sleep support. Families reported that she was a ‘saving grace’.  They noted that her expert advice and caring nature had an instant impact.  She provided strategies, support and comfort. Hearing from an expert provided reassurance, along with approaches that made their families sleep life healthier.
We are grateful for Brooke’s expertise, her partnership and support made an impact for many of our families.

- M. P.

Family & Children's Services of St Thomas and Elgin County

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