Certified Pediatric Sleep Sense Consultant | Hamilton, Ontario

Born and raised in the Hamilton Ontario area, I am the wife to my amazing husband Mark and mother to a sweet little boy, Liam, a baby girl, Sienna and fur doggie Ben too. With a background in Child and Youth Studies and Education, I have always had a passion for childhood development and supporting children.

As a mother of two, I understand sleepless nights. In fact, if you’re reading this then you are probably exactly where I was.…exhausted and frustrated.

Sleep is such an integral, important piece of children’s successful learning and development, however something we vastly take for granted as a skill that needs to be learned and supported, so I knew it was a journey I needed to pursue.

My Promise to You

As an expert in Child Development and as an experienced Pediatric Sleep Coach, I have helped many families, just like you, fall back in love with sleep.  Healthy sleep hygiene is critical to the healthy development of your infants and toddlers, and together, this is what we will provide your child. 

When we work together, your sleep… becomes my sleep.

My commitment to your success is routed to the core of that very statement. This is why so many families place their trust in us, with their little ones, young child and of course their family’s sleep. We provide you sleep results that are gentle but effective, and sustainable, to ensure you have a life long sleeper within a matter of weeks.

Lets get you back to sleep, together!

I was once tired too.

Through the process of teaching my son to fall asleep independently, I met Brooke and Bedtime Beginnings helped me get myself and my children back to sleep. 

I am certain it will work for you as well, so much so, that I guarantee it. {Yep, you read that right!}

While I locally service the Hamilton area in-home, I work with clients virtually around the world! 


Grab My Freebies

As a Sleep Coach, I like to ensure clients are getting access to resources for better naps, you help your little one sleep through the night, and ensure the whole family is waking rested and refreshed. Grab access here to our amazing and robust library of tools for children from birth through school age below!