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Well after 5 nights in a row of sleeping through the night, I think it is safe to say that Dayne is sleep trained!!! We couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Brooke Hohenadel sleep consultant for Bedtime Beginnings who planned it all out for us and walked us through the whole process.

In just 1 and a half weeks we went from laying beside Dayne in a twin bed until he fell asleep which some nights took up to two hours, then getting up usually twice through the night when he woke up and laying down with him again (or often times just stay all night in there). Tonight I did our planned out bedtime routine, I laid him in his crib said I love you and left. He gave one little cry and was out!! It’s amazing! I couldn’t be happier. Brooke you have helped our family so much! I recommend her to anyone who has a little one who doesn’t like to sleep.

Angie Sulkowski / Facebook

“What would Brooke say?” This is the phrase I found myself using over and over as we were going through the sleep training experience with our little one. Before starting, we were working so hard to get our baby to sleep – rocking, walking around, bouncing on an exercise ball – the list goes on. It was exhausting, and I found myself getting somewhat anxious when I knew sleep time was approaching – especially when I was tired and didn’t feel like I had it in me to put him to sleep.

Like many mothers out there, I was very nervous to start this process. Will this harm him long term? Will he be damaged neurologically ? Brooke understood all of my concerns and put me at ease.  She gave me research articles to read, answered every single question I had and empowered me to be able to start this process. Knowledge is power and once I learned about sleep from Brooke, I came to understand that as parents, it is not our job to put our son to sleep.  We have to teach him to put himself to sleep. Brooke gives you the tools and the confidence to help you along the way.

Needless to say, I worried for nothing – with Brooke’s methods, you are not leaving your baby alone to cry. You are right there with your baby, supporting them along the way. It almost feels like magic when they fall asleep on their own. I feel proud of my son for learning how to do this!

Now that Benjamin is sleeping 12 hours a night and taking great naps – he is a happier, more calm baby. All of those times he was fussing, I always thought it was hunger, or gas and it turns out….he was simply just tired. This process works and the the most important thing that you can do as a parent is be consistent. If your babe is having a hard time always ask yourself: ‘ what would Brooke say?’ The good news is – she is right there to answer your questions, but it’s up to you as parents to put in the work and stay consistent.

You and your baby can do this!  I promise!


I feel like our life was pure chaos! Being first time parents we didn’t really know what to expect. We figured we would have a couple months of sleepless nights. When our son was 6 months old and still not sleeping through the night and barely napping through the day it started to really affect all aspects of our life. Because our whole family wasn’t getting any sleep it made for very long days and nights. I felt as though I wasn’t being the best mother or wife I could be.

This has impacted our life greatly. Honestly no words can describe how positive it has been for our whole family. We feel like ourselves again. You don’t realize how much sleep impacts your life until you don’t get it any more. I would say the biggest change is that my son is happier! Now that he gets the rest he needs he is able to excel in all other areas of his life. Sleep training your baby isn’t as scary as it sounds! I would have done it a lot sooner if I had known that.

Working with Bedtime Beginnings was an amazing experience because it gave us the tools and information we needed to help our son sleep on his own. He is now able to fall asleep on his own and put himself back to sleep if he wakes during the night. He can also do this in different environments, which still allows us to have the freedom to go places with him. It also allows other important people in our lives (grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.) to put him down to bed, which believe it or not has now become an enjoyable part of our day.


Sleep was almost non existent. We resorted to co-sleeping. Life seems like a blur because we were in a constant state of exhaustion…It has drastically changed our lives. We all sleep. Everyone’s happier and able to do much more during the day…Everything was perfect. I can’t say enough great things about it! I recommend you to everyone who has issues with sleep! We always say it was the BEST money we have ever spent!


We had tried sleep training using the sleep sense method for a week and a half before contacting Brooke. We weren’t sure we were on the right track or doing the right thing because there was still a lot of crying before naps and bedtime. It was very stressful to not see consistent progress and I felt so guilty for all the crying my baby was experiencing. The reassurance is what helped us stay consistent! The constant support and knowing that someone is there for you through the thick of things.

Our baby is now well rested and much happier. I am much happier because bedtime and naptimes are not anxiety provoking. Most days there is little to no crying and our baby just happily puts herself to sleep. I never thought OUR baby could do this as we used to spend hours bouncing her on the exercise ball to get her to sleep. I keep saying to my other friends with young babies that it was the best parenting decision I have made!!


Life before was “Absolutely unbearable. I couldn’t get more than 3 hours of sleep in a row on a good night.”

Working with Bedtime Beginnings “gave me the confidence to be strong for my boys and the method made sense not only to me as a mom but it was gentle and kind.  I can function fully and have time with my spouse and to myself. I have time to do dishes and laundry and complete things on my to do list. I also don’t have anxiety going to bed anymore. I know they will sleep.”


Before I met Brooke, I believed sleep deprivation was part of the norm with 2 little kids (one at just over 2 years old and my son at the time-
4 months) . This sleep deprivation led to feelings of hopelessness and feeling overwhelmed, not knowing how to get through day to day.

Then I met Brooke. She was a LIFESAVER and a game changer for our family of four. My hubby and I were so incredibly impressed by Brooke’s professionalism and willing to help by being available through phone and email conversation. When we met in person I felt at ease and knew Brooke was there to help us get Jack to learn how to sleep after 4 months of up every 45 min to “feed” him. My hubby and I put in the effort with our sleep plan and noticed within about 3 weeks or so, Jack was able to sleep on his OWN! 🙂

Brooke, You are such an expert and the BEST of the BEST.

I would recommend Brooke to any family in need of getting back on track and sleeping again. This is so needed for not only new moms out there with 1 babe, but moms of multiple babes.

Thanks Brooke! 🙂

Heather Harris

I was getting up every hour to 2 hours to nurse my son back to sleep. Our whole family is sleeping better and we now have a happy baby


Before bedtime beginnings I truly was a mess. I had huge anxiety when it came to sleep and every night I never knew what to expect! I cried all the time because I was so tired and feeling like I was doing something wrong as I heard about other babies sleeping so much better. My little baby was up every hour to nurse, we co-slept and I never fully had a good night sleep. My hubby and I were slowly becoming roommates as he slept in the spare bedroom and I was going to bed at 7pm so my baby could sleep. It truly was so hard.

Brooke was awesome. I don’t think I am the easiest client as I had really hard time with hearing him cry, moving him to another room and stopping all night feedings. I even quit the training at one point. Brooke was very understanding and supportive. She was patient with me and always gave me suggestions and support to help move Benny and I to better sleep. She went above and beyond!

This first night Benjamin slept through the night I was in complete shock. I heard him waking up a couple times at night but within minutes he was back asleep again. He slept from 7pmto 7:30 am. I was rested and felt a huge weight lifted off of me. My husband is now back sleeping in his bed with me, we both can spend time at night together, I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or even a glass of wine now. Sleep training has given me back my life. After a good nights sleep I can enjoy my baby more and feel like myself again. But even better my little guy can get a good night sleep too which is also so important to his development- he’s happy I’m happy- it truly is amazing!

Honestly sleep training was very hard…very hard but the pay off is worth it. I don’t really have any suggestions but what helped me was hearing and reading other people’s experiences… Knowing other babies were similar to Ben (my baby) and the positive outcome they had really helped me.

Having someone I can talk to, ask my questions, get reassurance, support. I could not have done it with out Brooke.


Calling Brooke was one of our best parenting decisions to date! Our 4mo old son Hudson struggled a lot with sleeping – most days he would take very short naps (under 30mins) and would be up 4-6 times throughout the night.

Being first-time parents my husband and I unknowingly created a lot of bad habits that were preventing our son from getting the restful sleep he so desperately needed. With Brooke’s help she showed us that our son didn’t need nursing, shushing, rocking or his pacifier to fall asleep (and stay asleep!).

The program really works!! Brooke has been incredibly encouraging sharing her knowledge and personal experiences with us. She was always there to keep us motivated and made sure we stayed consistent to see the incredible results we hoped for.

Hudson now sleeps through the night often in 11-13hr stretches and is napping for an hour or more multiple times a day without a fight. I can honestly say our family had high hopes when we called Brooke but neither of us realized how life changing our decision would be.

Thank you Brooke from all of us; you have restored laughter and happiness in our home. We are sad that our time together has come to an end but we are resting easy knowing the tools you’ve taught us will ensure Hudson continues to be a great sleeper.

Lindsay, Kris & Hudson Bodi

Before Bedtime Beginnings I had my 10 month old sleeping in my bed. He went to bed at 10 with me, woke up every 2 hours to nurse back to sleep and I never went into a deep sleep.

Brooke was amazing help! She was supportive, understanding, enthusiastic and answered all my questions.
My son went from crying for an hour when he entered the crib at the beginning, to smiling and laughing when he wakes up in it now.
Well worth the time and money to get her support, our nights back and most importantly a happy sleeping baby.


I thank so much for Brooke. I thought sleep training my 8 month old would be a nightmare as his bedtimes were a nightmare. He would have anxiety and cry his eyes out even going near his room. He would wake every 2 hrs at night to feed or just be cuddled and be up at 5am. His naps ranged from 20mins to 45mins if we were lucky.

Within a week Brooke had Mitchell loving his bedtime. It was so nice to lay him down awake and have him smile up at me and play himself to sleep. He sleeps through the nights and his naps range from 1.5-2hrs.

Brooke was so attentive and caring and her programs so easy to follow and full of information. I would use her a million times over.

Thanks Brooke!!!


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