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What You Need to Know About Snoring, Mouth-Breathing & Sleep

Snoring is often confused with a restorative deep sleep, and with babies it can be thought to be quite adorable at times. Unfortunately, that sense of peace and serenity at the sound of a snoring baby turns out to be misconstrued.

How to Know if your Baby is Waking due to Hunger at Night

Feeding our kids is pretty much top priority when they are young. We are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that our babies are properly nourished, obviously, but as anyone who’s been through this glorious journey of motherhood will tell you, kids are smart, and they will find ways to get what they want […]

Back-to-School- Top 5 Sleep Tips

Back-to-school is here, can you believe it’s mid-August already and that school is just around the corner for our little ones? For me, I still have a little one at home but my oldest is starting SK this year, I look forward to the routine and now understand why parents LOVE September so much ;P […]

Start Sleeping Better, Tonight!

If you are not sleeping well, you are not living well! I know, that is a bold statement, but I truly believe that your whole life would improve if you slept well each night. Since sleep is my thing, I want to share my Top 5 Tips for getting a better sleep, starting tonight: Move […]

Why Would I Need to Hire a Sleep Consultant?

The other day I saw a comment on a Facebook feed in one of our local Mommy Groups that said: “It’s not rocket science, you can find all of the information online to get your kids to sleep”- I don’t disagree, I love Google just as much as the next person, but at a certain […]

Is Sleep as Important as Diet?

I’m sure you can guess what my answer is to this question, given I am a pediatric sleep consultant, but, just to clarify, I tend to put a high priority on sleep and am, in my humble opinion, justifiably passionate about its benefits for babies and their families alike. But is my passion for sleep […]

How to Maintain Healthy Bedtimes for your Kids in the Summer

Sleep and summer don’t generally go hand in hand- the nights are warm and the sun is still up and it gives us a renewed energy to do things we can’t do in the winter months. We welcome this as an adult because we control our evening activities and our bedtime, but for our kids, […]

How to Transition your Baby to Just One Nap

One nap- are we there already!? Well I guess the time is here; my newly turned one year old is ready to transition down to just one nap. It’s bittersweet for me as I enjoy the time to play with my toddler but the fact that she is taking a long time to fall asleep at night now […]

Why won’t my baby sleep?

This is a question I often asked my first daughter when she was an infant. I asked it in a sweet voice, I asked it in a pleading voice, I asked it in an angry voice, but no matter how many times I asked, she never gave me the answer. I can remember the night, […]

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