With Valentine’s day just around the corner, love is in the air, so it’s time to celebrate the people we love 🤍.

Something we have noticed about L O V E  D A Y… it is too easy to forget one of the most important aspects of love and that is SELF LOVE.

This is a common area that is quickly neglected and we see this and feel this a lot as parents, and maybe especially as mothers.

When it comes to our families, we would give the sun, moon and all the stars to ensure our children are well cared for, don’t believe me, answer this:

    • Would you give anything to make sure your kids are healthy, safe and feeling loved – yep, you know it!
    • Would you give them the food off of your plates, even though this is the third meal of their day and you haven’t eaten yet.. yes..you probably would, I can hear your stomach grumbling from here!
    • Would you sacrifice your own well-being for your kids – often, yes, and this is what we want to talk about…

You Matter.

We are the backbone of the family unit.

We provide, whether it be financially, emotionally or physically, we are providing all of the time. 

And yet, we are willing to give more and more, sometimes even more then we feel we have the capacity to give, because we love them so darn much. 

The problem lies in the last statement, we are willing to give our kids ALL OF US, but at what cost.   

Of course if there is a need, we will be there for our kids, but what if it is just a want, do all their wants outweigh our needs? 

When it comes to babies and their sleep, there is often a reason they wake up (when they are little it is because they need food, comfort or a bum change), but as they get older a lot of the wakings at night are more wants versus needs. As much as we are amazing parents, who are willing to go in and do everything it takes each night to get our child back to sleep, however it comes at a cost.   

When we are always filling up the cups of others, our cup tends to run dry and quickly too, when we don’t take the time or get the time to recharge and take care of ourselves to refill own cup so we can continue to give. Often our mental health and physical well-being begin to suffer if we too are not sleeping well at night.  Not surprising – just because you became a super-mom doesn’t forgo your need to sleep, unfortunately they forgot to give us that super power with the title.

As parents we try to make it all about our kids, because we are good parents, but it is also important to take a step back and look at what cost?  It becomes a question of, are we doing it out of necessity or is it just out of a formed habit.

Do your children not need a strong, well-rested mother to take care of them so she can be the best that she can be? 

Modelling self care to our kids is important so they learn to take care of themselves as they get older.

It’s one thing to sacrifice yourself for your kids when they truly need it, we would make that choice over and over again…no questions asked, but often it is a fuzzy line between needs and wants… especially when it comes to our children’s sleep. As you know, sleep is the ultimate healer and they likely need a good consolidated nights sleep as much as you do.

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Teaching your child how to sleep isn’t selfish, it is a necessity for life. They need sleep too, sleep provides us the ability to handle our day emotionally, mentally and physically, sleep also helps create a heathy immune system. This is true for your children and yourself. After all they need a strong, healthy, well-rested mama to meet all of their daytime needs as well.  

 So on this Love Day, and everyday, remember that YOU matter.  You are the most important person to your child(ren).  

Don’t undervalue yourself.  If you need help, we are here.  We have been there and know that there is a solution.  Imagine waking up every day after having a good night’s sleep, it is worth the money and time to guarantee you and your baby sleep well every night.


Sleep well,

Brooke & Loren

You deserve a good night’s sleep!

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