Prenatal & Newborn Sleep

Did you know that we are all born to sleep well? It is a survival skill and one that should come naturally. If you have a baby on the way, or just welcomed a new addition to your family, congratulations! With the proper guidance, your little one can become a great sleeper, right from the start.

Healthy sleep starts now; with the right balance, approach, and education, you can create a foundation for lifelong, restorative sleep for your little bundle of joy and your entire family.

Let us help, we have solutions for every family’s needs.

If you are looking to get a head start on how to help your little one have the best sleep possible we would love to share our knowledge with you in a 60-minute phone call.

You will be provided with a booklet of information, sleep logs you can use to track their sleep, an hour-long consultation, and the confidence you need to ensure you will have a well-rested baby right from the start!

Get a head start and learn the gentle ways to teach your child healthy sleep skills right from the start.

You will be provided with a package of information, an hour-long consultation to go over all of the details, sleep logs to track their sleep, and the confidence you need to ensure you will have a well-rested baby.

This package also includes 2 follow-up calls to answer questions as they come up.

*Calls to be used before 4 months of age.

This package is everything you need to help your baby right from the start and avoid that dreaded 4-month sleep regression.

By starting at a young age and gently teaching our babies how to sleep we can set them up for success for the months to come.

This package is designed for parents that want to help their children sleep well by laying a gentle foundation so they can learn as they grow.

This plan includes an Intake Questionnaire, Phase 1 & 2 Sleep Plans, Sleep Log Analysis, Ongoing Support until your child is 4 months of age, and everything you need to ensure your baby will be a good sleeper.