It can be tough being a woman (sorry guys – this one’s about us), throughout our whole lives our hormones change and we are left trying to figure out what is going on with our bodies.

1. In preparation for a child – the fun of the teenage + years

2. Pregnancyif we are lucky enough (and wanting of course).

3. After birthwe hope our hormones find harmony as quickly as possible again.

4. Perimenopause – the 10 years leading up to menopause, our cycle and hormone levels begin to change.

5. Menopause – mean age is 45 – 55 years old.

Throughout this time, our hormones change and we are left trying to figure out whatever we can to feel optimal and have enough energy to take care of everyone, and everything – sound familiar?

So, the good news…

If we can figure out what is wrong, we can work towards fixing it. Let’s look at a couple of the most commonly imbalanced hormones in the female body:

Did you know? Perimenopause is the roughly 10 years before menopause, and the mean age for menopause is 45 – 55. So, if you are 35+ there is a chance that your sleep difficulties could be due to a hormone imbalance.


Progesterone is considered the calming, soothing hormone and can help with emotional regulation (PMS). Its role is to prepare us for our menstrual cycle, and pregnancy and help ready the uterus for accepting a fertilized egg and also prohibits contractors that would otherwise reject the fertilized egg. It increases the production of GABA receptors and neurotransmitters, which are an important part of sleep.

Signs of Low Progesterone

    • depression,

    • anxiety,

    • mood swings,

    • fatigue,

    • low libido,

    • weight in hip and butt,

    • tender breasts,

    • headaches,

    • heavier period than normal


Estrogen is an umbrella term for a group of sex hormones (Estrone E1, Estradiol, E2, Estriol E3) that promote the development and maintenance of everything that is the female body, from bone structure to reproduction and breast development.  The ovaries are the main factory for estrogen development, and also the adrenal glands in a smaller amount.

Signs of Low Estrogen:

    • Hot flashes,

    • night sweats,

    • mood swings,

    • depression/anxiety,

    • dry skin & brittle hair,

    • weight gain in the belly (muffin top),

    • vaginal dryness,

    • increased UTIs,

    • low libido,

    • headaches, fatigue,

    • frequent urination,

    • irregular period.


Testosterone can be one of the most overlooked hormone in women, but it is an important one for women to feel their best. Testosterone helps us with our libido, and energy levels.  It also helps with regular weight, reproductive tissue, and bone mass.

Signs of Low Testosterone:

    • Low libido,

    • difficulty reaching orgasm,

    • vaginal dryness,

    • fatigue,

    • weight gain,

    • PMS symptoms,

    • heart palpitations,

    • difficulty sleeping (especially night sweats),

    • loss of muscle,

    • loss of bone density,

    • sluggish,

    • irregular periods.

Signs of High Testosterone

    • Irregular periods,

    • acne,

    • obesity,

    • excessive hair growth,

    • depression,

    • deepening voice,

    • hair thinning or balding.

A few things to keep in mind:

Sleep hygiene matters – eat well, don’t drink too much (caffeine or alcohol), go to bed at a decent time, have a nice quiet, dark room, remove electronics from your bedroom and learn to love sleep.

Our hormone levels fluctuate with our cycle so often hormone levels can appear “normal” because the ranges can be high and our levels fluctuate depending on where we are in our cycle.

Please remember that our version of normal may be different than the labs because we don’t just want you at the bottom of the “normal range” we want you to sleep well so you can feel optimal. (This goes for you and your kids – don’t you want everyone getting the most sleep they can be?)

If you are struggling with your sleep and could use some help getting back on track then please know that we are here to help.

You deserve a good night’s sleep!

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