Because everyone needs a good night’s sleep.

We understand how important sleep is to your sanity and quality of life. We can show you the tools you need to help your family rest peacefully, all night long.

The good news is:

I can get you back to sleep! 

As a sleep specialist it is my passion and profession to help anyone who is struggling with sleep. As an exhausted parent, Sleep Sense provided amazing success for our family.Once our baby began sleeping peacefully EVERYTHING became easier.

It changed our lives so much that I went on to complete the Sleep Sense training program with Dana Obleman in 2015 so I could help other families change their lives as well!I was so inspired by the positive impact I was having on people’s lives (and the fact that adults kept asking me for help) that I decided to become certified as an Adult Sleep Consultant as well.

Hiring a sleep consultant guarantees success.It’s my job to provide you with the specific tools you need: information, reassurance, customized strategies and follow up support.

The process we use is respectful, customizable, and most of all it works, over 51,000 families are sleeping now because of it!

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The Healthy Start Package
0-3 Months | $120

Just because you are a new parent doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sleep for the next couple of years!I am a firm believer in starting your babies off on the right foot so that everyone can start sleeping through the night once your baby is a healthy age and weight.

The Sweet Dreams Package
4-18 Months

Designed for parents with babies 4 to 18 months old.This plan includes an in home consultation for families within the London area* so we can sit together to discuss your custom sleep plan, your child’s sleeping environment and answer all of the questions you may have.

The Get-Your-Night-Back Package
18 Months and Up

Designed for children over the age of one who may be struggling with a number of habits that are interfering with their much-needed rest.I will address your child’s unique needs and create a custom, step-by-step plan that fits your family.

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