Brooke’s Speaking Style

Sharing her knowledge is Brooke’s passion; she loves taking the time to break down what is interfering with the body’s natural ability to sleep while offering steps and suggestions so that you can get back to sleeping through the night again. Brooke keeps a very light and joyful mood while she discusses all things to do with sleep. She will provide handouts and interactive conversations so that everyone leaves with valuable & useable tools for sleep

Brooke fell in love with helping people get back to sleep after she struggled with sleepless nights herself. Trained by industry leader herself, Dana Obelman, Brooke has the knowledge and the steps to help anyone learn to sleep again easily.

Sleep talks can benefit:

  • Corporate Businesses,
  • Shift Work Employees,
  • Health & Wellness Groups,
  • Elderly & Senior Centers,
  • Child & Youth Groups,
  • Sports & Fitness Centers,
  • First Responders & PTSD Groups,
  • Elementary, Secondary & Post Secondary Institutions.

Speaking Topics

Infant & Child Sleep

We all want what is best for our children; we buy them good food to eat, we make sure they get some movement each day and we offer them a loving environment to thrive in. One thing that is often misunderstood is sleep; there is a lot of information online and in parenting books about sleep, but unfortunately most of it is not accurate or overly helpful.

Brooke has done the research, broken down the most important things you need to know and found manageable ways to implement the information in order for your child to learn to love sleep. It may seem overwhelming but during the talk you will understand the simple ways you can promote good sleep. And once your child is a good sleeper they will always love sleep, which means you can too!

Adult Sleep

We know the importance of eating well and exercising, and we know that sleep is important, but, a lot of us are doing small things, daily, that interfere with a good night’s sleep. Sleep can help improve our mood, health, happiness, morale, productivity, attitude, creativity, and relationships.

Attendees will be provided with science-based information to help determine what is getting in the way of their body’s natural way of sleeping.  Once identified, they will be provided with easy-to implement techniques that are proven to help the body fall in love with sleep again.

Topics include:

  • Sleep & Stress – The effects of stress on sleep and simple ways to overcome it.
  • Sleep & School – How sleeping actually improves your grades.
  • Sleep & Food – What to eat & when, food to promote sleep and that affect quality sleep.
  • Night Wakings – What to do to stop waking at night.
  • Sleep & Self-Talk – How negative self-talk and mindset affects sleep.
  • Sleep Routines – How routines help the subconscious mind prepare for quality sleep.
  • Sleep & Movement – When to move and how a little goes a long way.
  • Sleeping Pills – When to use and why; short & long term effects explained.
  • Napping – When to nap, what the proper amount of time is and how to get your mind to rest.
  • Sleep Environment – The importance of loving your bedroom and how to create a sleep sanctuary.
  • Sleep & your Body Clock – How to work with your body to optimize the amount of sleep.

Also included:

  • Sleep 101 – How sleep has changed over the years.
  • Science behind why we need sleep and effects of lack of sleep over time.
  • Two oscillating factors of sleep – sleep pressure & our internal body clock (Circadian Rhythm)
  • Benefits of deep sleep and how to increase the restorative stages of sleep to improve overall health and well-being.

Private 1-on-1 Consultations Also Available

Private, customized support addresses the specific needs of the client, giving them a much higher chance of success. During our consultation, clients will be provided with practical ways to improve their specific sleep concerns. They will be offered worksheets and follow up documentation that could help them in their journey to better sleep.


  • 20-30 minute private phone call to discuss specific sleep problems to develop a verbal sleep plan.
  • Follow-up email with additional handouts to aid in the process of getting back to sleep.
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What People Have to Say…

“You are a great speaker, very knowledgeable and many families speak highly of you and your tips and tricks. I have greatly enjoyed having you come and provide that information to our families and hope in the future we can continue a partnership!”

– Allison Beauchamp, Director of Strathroy Earlier Years Center

“Someone from our group specifically shared tonight that your talk on sleep saved their life.They were really suicidal because they couldn’t sleep. Listened to you and started a sleep routine like you suggested, they even started journaling and doing things you suggested after they wake and they are getting a solid 4 hours at first and then another 3-4 hours after they wake and reset. They have been doing it since your talk and their doctor is helping them come off their sleep meds now.”

– First Responder

“I am a First Responder with PTSD. I have lived through the last 26 years with poor sleep which greatly affected my mental health and work performance. Work taught me how to help others but gave me no tools on how to help myself. I invited Brooke to my PTSD support group and she educated over 20 first responders about the importance of sleep and tools to use at home. Over a month has passed now and I implemented all the tools I learned from Brooke and gained the courage to not rely on my sleeping pills anymore and i’m starting to sleep more effectively. Gone are the days of tossing and turning in anger when I wake. It is replaced by an effective routine that gets me back to sleep. Sleep is a life saver, without it your cant function. We spend a third of our life sleeping, everyone should know these valuable tools. You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. Thank you so much Brooke Zzzzzz”

– Steve 

“Working with Brooke has been an absolute delight… Brooke was flexible to meet our needs and worked all of our requests into the programming she offered… I have had great reviews from the students who attended the first talk, some of them even returning to ask for more. The presentation itself was visually appealing and easy to follow giving students the key takeaway points without overwhelming them with more information than needed. Students left with tangible, takeaway tips that they could start implementing immediately while working to improve their sleep. The large array of resources Brooke made available to students following the talk were well received and used by all who attended.”

– Ashlee- Fanshawe College.

Why Choose Bedtime Beginnings?

What makes working with Bedtime Beginnings stand out is the true uniqueness of the programming; it is tailored to the needs of your group.  There is nothing else like it around.