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Sleep Training Is Necessary For Your Sanity

It’s a common problem every parent goes through: your baby just won’t sleep through the night, no matter how hard you try. This can make you feel terrible because you know what it’s like not to get enough sleep, and how it is important to be well rested and happy the next morning.

You know this because you’re not getting enough sleep when your baby isn’t. One might think being deprived of a good night’s rest is just a simple part of being a parent, and a lot of the time, it is. You don’t have to continue with the trend though. There are many problems that come with chronic sleep deprivation, and the best solution isn’t just to power through them. Sleep training is something you should use when you aren’t getting enough rest because it isn’t just for your child – it’s also for you!

Benefits of sleep trainingA lack of sleep can be a drain on young parents, emotionally and physically. You know about the bad mood a lack of sleep can put you in, how it affects your eating and daily routines, but it also has much more important functions. Sleep helps with routine mental tasks like memory and problem solving. Getting consistent rest helps new mothers with postpartum depression, a mental issue that can also have an adverse effect on how one raises a baby.

New parenthood can also be a strain on marriages, social lives, and friendships; connections that people need to be happy. Being up all night with a young child can set parents on edge, make them fatigued and disinclined to meet up with other people, and unwilling to leave a new child with another caregiver. The child becomes the center of the household, and while you might love your newborn to bits, your well-being matters too!

Sleep training – helping your baby fall asleep and stay asleep at a consistent time – is important for new mothers and couples to maintain necessary social relationships and not get tripped up by obstacles that can easily be avoided. A steady bedtime routine followed by a good night’s sleep will allow you to do many things that will help your mental health. You won’t have to worry about hiring a babysitter, or a having a relaxing date night with a movie, or just getting a much needed rest that will get you ready to start your day.

It maximizes your ability to be a great parent, too. The environment in which a baby comes to learn new things at their most basic is incredibly important. Waking up in a good mood, relaxed and well rested, makes it easier and a lot more fun to tackle the challenges of raising a child.

shutterstock_188170451Teaching your child to sleep through the night is incredibly important for both you and your child. You have the peace of mind knowing your child is sleeping well, with all the emotional and physical benefits that come with it. And you know that when they’re asleep, you’ll be able to sleep, too.

There are several different styles of sleep training that will work for both you and your baby – talk to your consultant about which one works best for your situation!

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