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Holiday Sleep Tips

Sleep Tip #1- Have Realistic Expectations
If you normally have your children in bed between 7-8 but know that you will have some outings, which will leave you out later than normal, you must understand that it will have an effect on your child.  Life happens though and we can’t always prevent outings around nap time or bedtime. If you can’t be home in time for them to sleep in a bed then try to plan the travelling during nap time and hopefully they can catch some zzz’s in the car.  Also, try not to over-schedule yourselves as this will only add to the over-tiredness of your child during an already busy time of year.

Sleep Tip #2- It Takes Three to Form a Habit

Bending the rules and modifying bedtimes and routines will happen from time to time.  One thing to always keep in mind is you want to get back to normal as quickly as possible so your child doesn’t form bad habits.  Generally, it takes three times to create a habit, so, if you have had to change things for a couple of nights be sure to get things back on track ASAP or else it might be that much harder trying to get your perfect sleeper back!

Sleep Tip #3- Resist the Urge to Bed-Share

Babies and toddlers quickly adjust to bed-sharing; what’s not to love, they get the majority of the bed while they kick you to the side and they get to be close to mom and dad.  Be cautious of this though because sleep quality will decrease for both you and your child and it can make getting back to normal even harder.  What I suggest is getting a playpen or cot and if your baby is 8 months or older setting up a partition in the room or putting your baby in a separate room (this might even have to be the bathroom or closet…I know, it sounds bad, but I have done it :P).  This will help so that when they wake they are not stimulated by seeing their favourite people in the world! Sound machines can also be a great idea as they work wonders if you are sharing a small space to prevent your little one from hearing your every move in the morning.

As I always talk about consistency is very important.  Try to keep timings and routines as similar as possible; this will signal your child’s brain that it is time to sleep and help them to drift off peacefully.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


The Gift of Sleep ♥
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