Adults need help, too!

As adults we have habits and schedules that can conflict with our sleep, often not even realizing what we are doing may be impacting the amount of zzz’s we get in a night.

If you are a person that has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep on a regular basis then ten I can help!

I use a very gentle approach and only suggest changing what is necessary to get your body to fall in love with sleep again. If you don’t have a medical reason to not be sleeping (or if you do but have already been assessed by a Doctor) then reach out because I can write a plan that can solve your sleep problems for good and have you sleeping again in less than a few weeks!

Together, we’ll find the root cause of the issue and suggest gradual changes.

Some common reasons we don’t sleep well are:

+ Stress
+ Blue light exposure
+ Lack of bedtime routine
+ Poor sleeping environment
+ Night wakings and trouble falling back to sleep
+ Circadian Rhythm Disorders
+ Use of sleeping pills (they aren’t helping as you may think)
+ Diet 
+ Negative self-talk

The work we’ll do isn’t a band-aid approach, it’s meant to be a life-long improvement.

Package 1: Full Adult Sleep Program: $450 +tax

+ Initial Sleep Assessment
+ Easy-to-Implement Custom Sleep Plan
+ Private one-hour consultation
+ 4 Follow up calls, 20-minutes each.
+ Over 10+ hand-outs specific to your needs to aid in the process (eg. sleep logs, movement logs, de-stress, and more!)
+ Continued Sleep Success package with Travel Tips, Daylight Savings advice and more!

Changing habits is often a big part to improving our sleep, but it can be difficult to manage without a good plan and support.Knowing more about what is causing your sleep problems will help you improve your sleep.

Package 2: Light Consultation: $250 +tax

If you feel that you just need a point in the right direction through a personalized sleep plan, and can execute it on your own, then this package may be for you.  
This package includes

+ Initial Sleep Assessment,
+ Custom Sleep Plan and,
+ Private One-hour Consultation